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Release Your STRESS and Emotional Baggage to Improve your health, relationships, and Achieve your GOals

In my done-for-you distance energy healing service I release old stress and emotional baggage your body has been holding on to. This way you can be freed up to truly live in the present, enjoy better health and relationships, gain more clarity and awareness in your life and more easily accomplish your goals. 

My clients have also reported feeling more energetic and happier, as well as relief from physical pains, moderate to severe levels of anxiety, depression and bi-polar, as well as several types of addictions.

Did you know that old stress and emotional baggage could also be what's holding you back from receiving or earning more money with ease and joy? We can treat this if you like in the 1 to 1 healing service I offer, you can join our Abundance Club, or both.

Are you currently in helpful talk therapy? Resolve your issues and go deeper quicker, by supplementing your therapy with my done-for-you healing service.

What would you like help with?

Working with me is easy. No travel is required and you can go about your normal day, wherever you are in the world, while I release stress and emotional baggage you remotely. Also, there is relatively little need to engage your willpower. Really!




Chaya Mechal Slodowitz,
Los Angeles CA

I strongly recommend Malka’s treatments for resolving emotional and/or medical issues in the gentlest way possible. After extensive relationship trauma, Malka helped me clear some fears and emotional blocks as well as support my body physically. Malka's advice and input is intuitive and her questions thoughtful and wise. She encouraged me to open my focus by asking myself “what else is possible?”.


Chani Holtsberg, 
Kiryat Malachi Israel

I referred many people in my community to Malka Levine. She helped them overcome being suicidal, with alcohol and marijuana addictions, fears, ADHD, bi-polar, depression, and severe loss of appetite. The psychiatrist of the person with bi-polar actually told him he no longer needed medicine.  I know the couples who had better relationships after Malka treated them. She is also very intuitive with children and teenagers, and would point out things about them, which their parents had not noticed. The 1 young lady I referred to Malka for help with difficulty dating to marriage, got engaged just a few months later. I think Malka has a special gift and blessing for healing in families. I highly recommend her.


Ahron Steinfeld

Before getting treated by Malka, in certain situations, I would want to control what other people do or say. Now I feel calm in those same situations, with those same people. I accepted that I can only change myself and my relationships are much better now! 

   I felt very comfortable telling her personal things. I didn’t feel judged at all, and I felt that she respected me more. I remember once when I needed to hear something important for me, which I wasn’t seeing, how she told me in such a lovely way.

   My experience with Malka is that she is a very kind person who is dedicated to helping others.

   Also, as an Orthodox Jew  who wants to always improve, I really appreciated that I could talk to her about religious life and challenges. If you want to live a life of emulating the Creator, she will help you with her healing and if you want it, her guidance.

    I think it is Divine Providence if you find Malka Levine. Probably she can help you have better relationships and so much more. I recommend her highly.



Ilanit Hananya,
Mishmar HaYarden, North Israel 

I had tried many times to stop smoking and was not successful. After Malka's first treatment I already felt calmer. With a few more treatments I was even more calm and began having deep sleep, which I hadn't had in many years. Eventually I was able to stop smoking!!! Also, as a busy full-time working mom of young children, I really appreciated that she treated me by distance and that I didn't need to schedule her in my busy calendar for the treatments she gave me.


Avigail HaSofer,
Australia, Tzfat Israel 

I was having terrible back spasms which made it difficult to stand to do ordinary tasks like cutting vegetables etc. and after Malka treated me the pain left and has not returned. Her treatment made a big difference in my well being. I highly recommend her.

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There  was a  huge shift for me after Malka's Introductory Package. After just 3 healing sessions, I' had a huge change I have to say; I have a next door neighbour who screams for hours on end, it is horrible. He doesn't just scream he forces it out as loudly as he possibly can. It happens all throughout the day and many times wakes me at 1am, or 3am, 4am, 5am or 6am. It's incredibly jarring and frightening. It causes huge fear and anxiety when it happens and lasts after he ends…. Until I had these 3 healing sessions from Malka. Yesterday he screamed for 1 1/2 hours totally non stop (don't know how anyone can scream so loudly for such a long period of time). It did not have the same effect on me, I was amazed I have to say. I obviously didn't like hearing it, but I was relaxed. Malka is truly amazing.


Susan Finston,
Jerusalem Israel

I have benefitted from Malka’s insights and intuitive understanding of family relationships in my past. I was not aware of the literal burden I was carrying – and in some cases had been carrying for more than 50 years. Given the centrality of our early family relationships to every aspect of our adult lives, it is not surprising that Malka’s efforts have helped me to improve relationships with family members as well as professional interactions. With the distance healing treatments I received, I started to feel more optimistic despite a realization of continuing challenges ahead. In general I feel better able to cope with things and also feel like I am gaining insight into situations.  I strongly recommend Malka’s energy work to help remove the 'stumbling blocks' from the past.


Miriam Lukoff,
Boston MA

I had been experiencing shortness of breath upon exertion for years and recent fatigue. After Malka treated me, both the fatigue and shortness of breath completely disappeared. She also gave me insight about emotional experiences from my past that had created these symptoms. I want to add that I know Malka personally for many years. I can vouch for her honesty and integrity, which even showed in the initial consultation we had before she began treating me. 

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Hadassah Massis,
Chicago Illinois

In the year plus I have been working with Malka, she has helped me improve all areas of my life! Here is just 1 way; I had been getting ill every winter in the extremely cold weather of Chicago, with asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia for which I was even hospitalized several times. Malka was able to release stress & old emotions I carried that had weakened my immune system. This is the first winter that I did not become ill with the above. I highly recommend you having Malka as your Health Practitioner. I have also found her to be empathic, a great listener, and someone who deeply cares about her clients.

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Sarah Allouche, Jerusalem Israel

 I have more energy with the supplements Malka recommended to me. She also helped me in the past with some physical pain

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Miriam Jacob Cohen,
Katzrin Israel

It is rare that I have spoken to someone as sensitive and careful with the feelings of others as Malka Levine.  After her treatments, I felt my body clearing out unwanted garbage. I experienced a level of clarity and insight that was amazing. Many memories came up and I was able to process them in calm, and I found myself understanding my life story better. Two months later I received my get, which though I was not an agunah, the process had taken 4 years! I am grateful for all this good. I truly believe that Malka is a faithful messenger of Hashem.

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Miriam Neidoff,
Jerusalem Israel

If you are seeking optimal health, I highly recommend treatment by Malka Levine. I've found her treatments to be highly accurate and extremely effective. She helped me with difficulty breathing I had been experiencing. I continue to experience the positive effects more than a year later. She also effectively pinpointed other factors in my body that needed to be improved and adjusted. Malka gave me precise directions on how to rid my body of these negative factors in order to help me reach optimal health. She even pointed out a certain ailment which I myself was only marginally aware, and told me it would be best for me to have it treated by a chiropractor. If not for her identifying it and pointing it out to me, I wouldn’t have treated and would have continued suffering from it. I'm sure that after being treated by Malka you will recommend her to your family and friends.

Other problems my clients reported completely solved or in some cases greatly reduced.

Constipation, PCOS grudges and difficulty forgiving, generational trauma, stronger immune system, irregular periods, anger, impulsivity, defiant behavior in teenagers, brain fog, grief, test anxiety, inability to move forward in new relationship after divorce or break up, emotional hurt and damage from past romantic relationships and dates, unhealthy family relationships, mother-in-law relationship difficulties, co-dependency, panic attacks, anxiety before making sales calls, excessive worry, feelings of unworthiness and other false beliefs, overwhelm, depression. ADD, fatigue, loss of appetite, back and other physical pains.

How to Work with Me

Start by purchasing my Introductory Healing Package for the one time price of $297

 Contact me at malkalevine2.0 to receive the specially priced invoice

Here's what you'll get after your purchase:

  • 30 minute initial strategy consultation, to decide together what we will treat. [During this meeting I also determine if I expect to help you significantly. If I don't have this expectation I issue you an immediate refund].

  • 3 distance healing treatments, to start getting to the energetic root causes of your problem, and start healing.

  • Energy Body Evaluation, to find out where your emotional baggage and other stresses have been causing you physical misalignments and imbalances. The information on this evaluation is an important factor I consider in determining where to focus treatments. [After the Introductory Package, for clients who work with me in one of my longer term programs, I provide updates to this evaluation, so you can see how your healing progress is showing in your body.]

  • Follow up 30 minute consultation, so you can discuss your healing experience, understand your Energy Body Evaluation, and discuss your options for continuing your healing with me.


            Contact me at

for specially priced invoice


                                                   There's more.

Because of the positive results I thank G-d consistently have with the clients I accept, and because I only want to be of help, I offer a satisfaction or money back guarantee on this Introductory Package.

My commitment to you is that if you are not satisfied with the improvement on what we treated, simply email me letting me know within 10 days after your purchase, and I will refund your payment!


on introductory package

Start healing

Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care. The testimonials and other information on this site, is not intended as promise of outcome. It is also not medical advice and therefore should not replace medical diagnosis or treatment. It does not create any physician-patient relationship and is not a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, contact your healthcare provider. Energy healing promotes balance, relieves stress, and supports the body’s natural ability to heal and function optimally. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.


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