When I was about 5 years old, I knew I would be a healer when I grew up...

Malka Healing_edited.jpg

... I just didn't have the vocabulary to name it "healer".

Life caused me to forget this young girl's knowing and aspiration: emotional neglect, verbal abuse and belt beatings as a child, serious sexual assault as a young adult, spiritual abuse and other life altering traumas. I wouldn't wish these experiences on anyone!

Still, the deep process of healing from these experiences, gifted and continues to gift me intuition and knowing, which allows me to deeply understand my clients, with empathy and without judgement.

I understand raw emotions; anger, sadness, shame, denial, shock, guilt, loneliness and feelings of isolation and more. The ups and downs. Getting triggered. Intensity. Anxiety Depression. I know these pains, because I experienced them.

I know the "savior" that psychiatric medicine can be, in my case the anti-depressants which I took for 5 years. I also know the symptoms and even havoc they can bring.

Thank G-d I discovered paths of healing which led to freedom and true health, without need for medications (warning there are some medications which people may not be able to taper completely off of, consult your psychiatrist regarding medications and dosage, never taper off medication without psychiatrist supervision and guidance). These completely natural paths also helped me to recover from pre-diabetes and PCOS.

Btw, I did finally hear my calling again, to be a healer.

Like with all good things, it had been a journey. Here's the final act of how it happened:

A friend told me she was getting divorced. She shared with me some of her reasons. As I had met her husband, it sounded like her complaints might be accurate. I also knew that he was generally very nice, reliable in important ways and loved her very much, and she like all of us, had her own G-d given flaws. Especially because their children were already grown and out of the house, I truly had no point of view about whether divorce was the right decision for her or if it was something she might later regret. My response to her was to share that I had been treating selected friends energetically for a few years already, and that if she wanted, I would treat her also. She agreed. When I treated her, it was with the goal of releasing what was getting in the way of her making the right decision for her, and the decision she would not later regret. When she eventually said to me "I am not going to divorce my husband!", I was shocked. She had reached her decision from within herself, and was confident with it, without any verbal guidance from me.

This story also illustrates my deep desire; to remove for my clients what is dimming and preventing fuller expression of their soul in their mind and body, so they can be happier, and healthier, and more easily tap into their soul's knowing and guidance.  This way they can more easily make decisions, and they are freed up more to create and attract a life that is more in alignment with their soul; a life that is more enjoyable for them.

Yes, my work is also spiritual, and I love it!

I feel deeply grateful and incredibly fortunate to enjoy my job so much. My favorite part is all the good news I get to hear from my clients.

Woohoo :)!