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GROUP Healing

10 Monthly Group Energy Healing Treatments for only 500, 350 or 200 shekels (or equivalent in your country's currency). Choose your price according to your budget!

For as low as 200 shekels a month you can receive group energy healing to release blocks to abundance.

Start clearing stress around money.

I do group energy healing by distance and it does not require active participation on your part. I love to receive your feedback via email.

Amazing things happen in energy healing groups because of the power of the group over receiving energy healing as an individual. The energy healing that happens in our Abundance club is powerful on its' own and a great addition and natural complement to one-to-one energy healing.

However our group energy healing is not a substitute for one-to-one energy healing, since many issues require deep, focused attention to find and address all the root causes.

Email me at to join our Abundance Club.

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