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Abundance Healing Group

Weekly distance group energy healing to remove emotional baggage preventing you from receiving more abundance, and with ease. 

I created this group energy healing as a way to help people who can not currently afford to hire me for my one-to-one healing service. 

For $60 a month you can receive weekly group energy healing, and start releasing blocks to abundance.

Amazing things happen in these energy healings, because of the power of the group. 

It's not a substitute for one-to-one energy healing though; most issues require deep, focused, one-to-one attention, in order to find and address all the root causes.

Like one-to-one healing with me, this group healing does not require active participation on your part. You just go about your normal day and activities, while I carry out the energy healing remotely.

I welcome feedback you would like to share with me about awareness and other progresses you notice after energy healings, via email. I read every email, often more than once, and it usually influences the next energy healing treatment I give. However for this group healing, I do not respond in writing to these emails.

Are you ready to start releasing what's getting in the way of you receiving more abundance?

Email me at to receive your invoice to join our Abundance healing group.

* There is a money back guarantee for your first 2 weeks. Just email me letting me know you want to be removed from the group, and I will refund your payment.

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